Anthony R. Green

composer, performer

Alex in Transition

Neal Postma and Becky Morris, Iris Asllani, Emma Shubin, Pierre-Gilles Henry, Yael Ruff Hakim, Dominique Webb,
Adi Feinstein, Daniel Reich and family, Tova Reich, Dan Yakir, Itamar Kahn, Eli Eban, Firat Kara, Paul Rovinelli,
Antonio Vivi, Ashleigh Gordon, Itamar Ronen, Carolyn O'Brien, Gregory Williams and Diana Golden, Andrew Webb,
Lawrence Dunn, Sjifra Herschberg, Thijs van Osch, Hans Schellevis, Kimberly Lowe, Janet Spangenberg, Claartje
and Mark van Buchem  

Alex in Transition is a contemporary opera currently in three "transitions" (large scenes/acts) about a fictional transgender
woman named Alex, and her life's journey to truth and authentic living. As I came into my identity as a Black, gay male
composer, I felt discomfort at how little I knew about the T in the GLBT label that is applied to me. The transgender world,
despite its rich history and large size that extends around the globe, is grossly misunderstood, mistreated, and ignored.
Recognizing this ignorance within myself lead me to want to create a work that is respectful and responsible yet also universal
in its message. Hopefully Alex in Transition does just that. 

Alex in Transition had its first complete performance (as of June 2016) on 15 JUNE 2016 at the Israel Conservatory of Music,
in Tel Aviv, Israel.
 Produced by Haya Ronen, the performance included a chamber ensemble for Transitions I & III, as well as 
introductions to each transition. Selections of the opera have been featured in the 2014 Ft. Worth Opera Frontiers Showcase, and
the 2nd season of New Fangled Opera. Future presentations are being planned in Colorado and the Netherlands.

The Opera:
I. Alex & Psyche
- After being rejected by a potential love interest in a rather emotionally
dramatic manner, Alex continues her discussion about this situation (and more) with her therapist
Psyche (who also reveals a secret). Click! to listen to an audio excerpt
  II. Alex & Amy - After a lovely evening out, Alex reveals her love for and desire to be in a relationship 
with her best friend Amy (a Lesbian scientist and GLBT activist). Amy's rejection causes a rift.
III. Alex - After accepting her transgender, Alex's emotional, personal response is released in 
  this inner-monologue, which is a duet between her present, male-presenting self and her future
genuine, female-presenting self.
IV. Alex, Tracey, Amy - it's Alex's first birthday presenting as a woman, and she spends it with her
girlfriend and best friend at a restaurant. Jealous about the attention Alex is receiving from the straight,
male waiter, Tracey makes a big decision. (In Progress) 
Press for Alex in Transition: 

Complete interview article in the Jerusalem Post, by Carl Hoffman. To read the article, click here and zoom in (June 2016)

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Review about Ft. Worth Opera's Frontiers Festival, including Alex in Transition: Transition III - Alex : from TheaterJones (18 May 2014)

Review about Ft. Worth
Opera's Frontiers Festival, including Alex in Transition: Transition III - Alex : from D Magazine (16 May 2014) ~ excerpt below!

"Anthony Green's Alex in Transition, deals with transgendered central character and her spiritual and physical
journey from male to female. Green, who is his own librettist, supplied a courageously intense text for the scene
that was presented and matched with sturdy, expansive music in a scene that suggests painful transformation
is part of life for many - not just  the transgendered." ~ 16 May 2014, Wayne Lee Gay      

Review about Ft. Worth Opera's Frontiers Festival, including Alex in Transition: Transition III - Alex : from (10 May 2014)   
Images (click for larger image):
   from Transition I: Alex & Psyche;                                                   team for Transition III: Alex, and friends; from Left to Right   
   Melanie Gardner (R, Psyche) and Veronica Sharkey                        Darren K. Woods (General and Artistic Director at Ft. Worth Opera),
   (L, Alex), at the Marigny Opera House, New Orleans                       Jody Schum (piano), me (!), Steven Eddy (Alex, male presenter),
                                                                                                      Nathan DePoint (Director of Artistic Administration at Ft. Worth Opera),
                                                                                                      Meghan Garvin (Alex, female presenter), Stephen Dubberly (conductor) 


This opera is warmly dedicated to Ms. Nicole Garcia and Ms. Tonya White, and a special thanks is extended towards Haya Ronen, Itamar Ronen,
Amir Beker, and Ran Beth-Halachmi for all of the their help and support towards the Israel production.