Anthony R. Green

composer, performer

Solo (unaccompanied)

Ivory (2011/2017): solo harp; premiered by Olivia Jageurs, winner of the Best Collaboration Award at the Future Blend Project's Hidden Gem Concert, January 2017    

Fanatic (2015): solo piano; commissioned by Amanda Setlik-Jones

on/Zeker (2012/2014): solo violin; premiered by Marcin Arendt for a masterclass with the JACK quartet, 2nd performance by Hajnal Pivnick of Ensemble Mise-en

Premises (2012): solo timpani; commissioned by Todd Quinlan 

2 pages for Kara (2011): solo viola; commissioned by Gregory K. Williams  

Etude II - 4 voice fugue (2004/8): solo piano; premiered by Elaine Rombola at SICPP 2009

SonikaChenzi (2007): solo guitar; commissioned by Leo McFadden

Ahnungen (2006): solo clarinet; premiered by Mei-mi Lan, 2nd performance by Guido Arbonelli (tour including cities in Italy and the USA) 

Nachtspiel (2005): solo viola; premiered by Clarke Spencer, subsequent performances by Gregory K. Williams and Sarah Darling

Preludismus (2005): solo piano; premiered by Anthony Green, 2nd performance by Daniel Holt at SICPP 2006

Sonata Exotique (2004): solo piano; premiered by Anthony Green  

Duo/Solo (accompanied)

Collide-oscope IV (2016): violin and viola/voice; premiered by Gabriela Diaz (violin) and Wendy Richman (viola/voice)   

Verbinding (2015): alto saxophone and piano; commissioned by Neal Postma, premiere performance in Strasbourg, France 

[(s)(w)(2e)] / [(j)-(m)(b)] / [(f)(t)(c)] (Scintillation III) (2015): bass clarinet and marimba; commissioned by Transient Canvas, premiere performance in Somerville, MA 

Through American Time (2013): bassoon and piano; commissioned by Kaori Uno Jack and Naoko Suga, premiered by Noise-to-Signal Ensemble 

... on top of a frosted hill ... (2011): cello and piano; commissioned by the Hartke/Tsai duo and Troisième Vie, performances in western New York, Massachusetts, Colorado (Colorado Springs, Boulder), and California (San Francisco) 

Weightless (2011): alto sax and piano; premiered by Benjamin Sorrell (alto sax) and Anthony Green (piano), subsequent performances by Michael McConnell and Anthony Green (North Manchester Mini Festival 2013), and Benjamin Sorrell and Kevina Lam (NASA 2014) 

Light Motives (2009): violin and piano; premiered by John Rutland (violin) and Kathy Scherer (piano) at the University of Central Missouri New Music Festival 2011, 2nd performance by Annagret Klaua and Sivan Etedgee

Scintillation II (2008): viola and cello; commissioned by Ashleigh Gordon (viola) and Ginevra Ventre (cello); subsequent performances by members of Grupo Instrumental Siglo XX (ic[cm] 2010), Gregory K. Williams and Jenna Girone-Virgilio, and Sound Energy

Nicht Zart II: Hommage à Scelsi (2007): bass and piano; premiered by members of the Callithumpian Consort at SICPP 2007, subsequent performances by David Goodchild and Anthony Green, and Łukasz Kłusek (bass) and Art-Oliver Simon (piano) in Germany

G. Profundis (2006): improv violin/castanets and improv piano/theremin; graphic score composed specifically for Annabel Ibanez and Anthony Green, performances in Boston and San Francisco 


Alex in Transition (libretto by Anthony Green): currently 3 Transitions (scenes); selection of Transition III a part of Ft. Worth Opera Frontiers Showcase 2014, complete Transition I performance by New Fangled Opera, performance of Transitions I - III at the Israel Conservatory of Music, in Tel Aviv, June 2016     

... l'azur d'un poème ... (2014, text by Émile Nelligan): voice, flute/voice, alto flute/voice, video (optional); commissioned by Écouter

B A 4 (2013): 2 vocalists and dancer (optional); premiered by BLY and Lisbeth Sonne, sponsored by AUT, performances in Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark

... I shall shake his hand ... ~ 3 songs for tenor and contrabass (2012, text by composer): featured in the Fulcrum Point Discoveries Series

2 Letters of Queen Marguerite (2011, text by Marguerite de Valois, translated by Robert Codrington): soprano, piano; commissioned by Emily Sinclair

3 Quotes of Shakespeare (2010): soprano, piano; premiered by Courtney Sherman (soprano) and David Severtson (piano)

The Gettysburg Address (2010): soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, cello, percussion, piano; commissioned by The Playground Ensemble, performances in Denver and Boulder, Colorado

Dona Nobis Veritatem (2008, text: preamble to US constitution, Bill of Rights, selection from Declaration of Independence): soprano, viola, piano; premiered by Ceceilia Allwein (soprano), Ashleigh Gordon (viola), and Anthony Green (piano); subsequent performances in selection with Rebekah Alexander (soprano) and Gregory K. Williams (viola) in Boston (Jordan Hall) and Rochester (Eastman School of Music) 

Sonnet LXXXI (2006, text by composer): soprano and piano; premiered by Marissa Joy Clark (soprano) and Anthony Green (piano), subsequent performances by Emily Belastock (soprano), Yael Handelmann (soprano), and more. Also serves as final aria of Trasition II: Alex & Amy in the opera Alex in Transition  


Collide-oscope III (2016): oboe, clarinet in B-flat, bassoon; recipient of the Honourable Mention Award in the 37th Young Composer Competition for the Frederic       Mompou Award, organized by Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona  

Collide-oscope I (2016): flute, clarinet in B-flat, violin; featured in a workshop by Oerknal! during the Gaudeamus Workshop Weekend 2016  

t(h)rees (2015): alto trombone, tenor trombone, tuba; featured in Druskomanija 2015

... heen en weer ... (2015): string trio; commissioned by Sound Energy, featured in the workshop EXPLORE! by dissonArt

Catalpa (2014): piano trio; featured in the International Composition Forum workshop by The Fidelio Trio

Ohkyanoos (2013): flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano; premiered by Ensemble Transmission at 5th Pharos International Contemporary Music Festival (Cyprus)

Lighter Motives (2013, expansion of Light Motives): flute, violin, vibraphone, piano; premiered by Spaziomusica at MusicaPoi 2013 (Italy)

... in virid lows and azure highs ... (2011): alto flute, viola, guitar; premiered by Carolyn Keyes (alto flute), Brightin Schlumpf (viola), and Benjamin Cantu (guitar)

Encomium (2010): SATB saxophone quartet; premiered by the Flatiron Saxes 4 at CU Boulder and NASA 

from String Quartet No. 1

   I. The Soul (2004/2008): premiered by the Tasman String Quartet 
   II. Battery (2004/2009): premiered by the Tesla String Quartet, 2nd performance by Ensemble 212
   IV. Chance (2004/2007): premiered by the Laurel String Quartet; subsequent performances by the Playground Ensemble, the Orchestra Unleashed, the Apple Hill
   Chamber Players, the Providence String Quartet, the Eppes String Quartet (at FSU Festival of New Music 2009), and the Zukofsky String Quartet (American
   Composers Alliance Summer Festival of New Music, Symphony Space Thalia, NYC, 2009) 

Momentarily (2006): 3 clarinets in b-flat; premiered by Ryan Yuré, Gabe Merton, and Molly Walker



MONMA (2009): fixed media audio interpretation of The Metaphysics of Notation by Mark Applebaum, to accompany vocal improvisation of Mr. Applebaum's graphic score; performance by Anthony Green (voice) 

Glisten (2009): tuba and fixed media audio; premiere by Evan Clark

Flecks of Luminescence (2008): fixed media audio; diffused at Esta Casa Esta Sonada Festival (Maracaibo, Venezuela, 2010), and SPECTRA 2016 Malaysia Music Technology Festival

What Almost Happened (2008): fixed media audio: diffused at Zeppelin 2009 Festival: Sounds of Power/Listening of Fear (Barcelona, Spain) 

Dona Nobis Pacem (2006): soprano and fixed media audio; premiered by Rebekah Alexander, 2nd performance by Osnat Netzer 

Nicht Zart I: Hommage à Stockhausen (2005): piano and fixed media audio; premiered by Sivan Etedgee, 2nd performance by Anthony Green  

Large Ensemble/Open Ensemble/Orchestral

Memo Pieces (2014): open ensemble; text pieces dedicated to Renee Baker, premiered by Anthony Green in Brooklyn, NY, November 2016            

Hover (2014): open ensemble; parts for winds, brass, bowed strings, plucked strings, and percussion  

Intrepid Flutterings (2012): 2222, 2211, glk/vib, hrp, pno, strings (w/vla II) - orchestral version of Intrepid

3 Vignettes of Job ~ a multimedia exploration (2011): mixed ensemble (flute, clarinet, cello, piano), improv ensemble (open with conductor, voice/tam-tam, 2 narrators), open pitched ensemble (antiphonal), actors, live electronics, fixed media audio, video, and Job (actor, dancer, music improviser, singer); premiered at the ATLAS Blackbox Theater, supported by the ATLAS Fellowship (first recipient) and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, with Garrett Gene Smith as Job

Nicht Zart III: Hommage à Cage (2010): open ensemble, parts for flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxes, bassoons, horns, trumpets, trombones, euphonium, tubas, vibraphone, marimba, percussion, guitar, harp, celesta, piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, contrabass; premiered by Décadanse at Cage 99 Festival 2011 (France), subsequent performance by Ansae Ensemble (Canada) 

Refraction Aberrance (2009/2010): cello obbligato and obbligato ensemble of any combination (including solo) of harp, guitar, or piano; premiered by Mathieu D'Ordine (cello), Morgan Black (harp), and Anthony Green (piano)  

3 Groups (2008): flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, glockenspiel/vibraphone, violin, viola I, viola II, cello, contrabass; reading by Alarm Will Sound, premiere by Ossia New Music Ensemble (winner of the 2nd Annual International Composition Prize, 2009)  

Instinct (2008): string orchestra; premiered by the Freisinger Chamber Orchestra, subsequent performances by the University of Colorado All-Campus Orchestra, and the Chamber Orchestra of Bellas Artes at the 34th Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez, Mexico

Intrepid (2008): 2222, 3331, glk, vib, hrp, cel, solo sop., strings (w/vla II); reading by the Colorado University Symphonic Band, conducted by Jason Missal, with Melissa Wimbish (soprano)  

Midnight, and the taking-in (2007, text by composer): soprano and 1-3 of each - trumpet, harp, vibraphone, viola I, viola II, cello, contrabass; premiere conducted by Anthony Green, with Ceceilia Allwein (soprano)